Nexuiz Review

The third of my XBLA House Party reviews: my mostly-positive review of Nexuiz.

Nexuiz Screenshot

Crusty gamers who have stuck around for more generations than they’d care to admit can get a little curmudgeonly when they think back to the “glory days” of whatever genre is being discussed. The time that I have invested in Call of Duty’s various multi-player modes since 2006 surely eclipses the hours I whiled away playing the likes of Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament; but my reverence for these ‘pure’ shooters is unflappable. Nexuiz openly mimics the game-play of these arena-based shooters, which should excite any of the gamers who still talk in hushed tones about their awesome rail-gun exploits or elaborate lag-compensation techniques from days of yore.

Go read the full thing on Toronto Thumbs!

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