Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

Presenting review number two of my XBLA House Party Review, and thankfully, it’s another quality game! [It’s worth noting, after finishing my review, I poked around the major sites to see how it was received elsewhere. I noticed that Susan Arendt of The Escapist used the same ‘cover-art comparison’ opener, reminding me that it’s difficult to have something new to say about a game.

Alan Wake's American Boxart

It’s important to address at the outset that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare has not been designed to give fans of the original title more of the same. One needs only a cursory glance at the box art motifs to see the changes in tone: the original portrays the protagonist standing in a dark and foggy forest, his flashlight cutting a cold beam through the oppressive blackness. Stamped above the title, the words: ‘A Psychological Action Thriller’. In comparison, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare could be about a rural handyman who hasn’t got around to reading the instruction manual on his nail-gun yet.

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