Podcast Episode 01: An Interview with Ed Boon

A while ago I noticed that the interviews I was recording on my iPad for my reference were turning out with pretty okay sound, despite the less than ideal conditions, so I decided that it could be worth sharing in an audio podcast.

Back in April I had a short interview with Ed Boon in April that was fun, and doesn’t sound horrible, so I’ve included it here for your enjoyment. I’m honestly not sure who I’m trying to appeal to here – I think aspiring journalists might find it useful to listen to this recording, then see what I pulled out of it for the piece in Comics & Gaming Magazine (issue 27 is available on the Zinio store)

I’m not sharing this because I think it makes me look good – quite the opposite – the conversation doesn’t naturally flow as the questions jump us between topics, which is partly a result of me trying to get my info before I get the hook by PR, but it’s an interview with an industry legend – that’s not bad for Episode 1!

Me calling this Episode 01 is a lark  – I’ve no idea when this will get a sequel. Let me know what you think! I know it’s a bit dry, but I didn’t want to faff around with theme tunes or anything just yet.

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