Battle of the low-budget undead games

I reviewed two games in the past month that were put together on shoestring budgets, and while it’s a little unfair to pit them against one another like this, it’s a useful reminder about how meaningless the downloadable vs. on disk comparison has become in recent years.

Dark is a boxed retail game with a MSRP of $50 on Xbox 360. It’s also total crap, as my review attests. Avoid it at all costs.

State of Decay Screenshot

Meanwhile, State of Decay is an Xbox Live Arcade with an asking price of $20. It was also put together by a small team, and there are plenty of rough edges, but the game provides so many hours of entertainment that you’ll forgive (almost) every one of them. Read my review if you need any more convincing on why you should support this developer.

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  1. Don Bithell says:

    It seems, Sully. that you never write a good reveiw….tell me ate there ANY facts to what you pontificate or do just make shit up as you go along!!!???

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